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The Immune System

Once co-founder David Lisonbee figured out that the immune system was the key to increasing energy and improving overall wellness, he began to hunt for ways to increase its effectiveness. He was pretty surprised when his hunt ended on a farm. Transfer factors, he found out, can be shared across species.

This meant that he could supply human immune systems with transfer factors from some of the most heroic immune systems around, cows and chickens. With a high bio-availability for humans, cow colustrum and chicken egg yolks contain all the immune information your body needs for a healthy head start in even the most toxic environment (just think about the last barnyard you visited). 4Life is not only the first company to patent the extraction of transfer factors, we are also the first company to combine transfer factors from two different sources. This combination of sources has generated proven results higher than any other formulation tested.

4Life ensure quality sources and extraction processes play a major role in securing and delivering Transfer Factor.

Alternative Health Ensures that the animals from whom Transfer Factor is extracted are healthy and well-maintained.

Alternative Health Upholds state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to safeguard the efficacy of their Transfer Factor sources.

Alternative Health Combines multiple sources of Transfer Factor for increased resilience and a broader range of potency.

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